Alaska Travel Magazine's new department—Who Are These Alaskans? They are a very different people from a very different country! To hear and obey the call to go North to Alaska has never been for the ‘ordinary’ or faint of heart. It takes a hearty breed and courage beyond compare. Although, many of those who go north have been known to be running away from something or perhaps running to something. The Last Frontier  makes for strong and fiercely independent citizens. Here we “show-and-tell” you about some of them.

Starting our new deparment we have the story of Captain Michael Healy— Alaska's Black 'King'

We also have a guest writer/photographer Anina Marcus and her humorous story of Alaska's own Martha Stewart called: Bringing The Heat To Alaska:A Tale Of Chili To Chillier  Bon appétit.

And the story of one of Alaska's most famous bushplane heroes Don Sheldon (this link will take you to our sister website Dismiss the new window to return here).

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