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[ Editor’s Note:

This honeymoon article was written almost six years ago by the spunky — “I will give it a try”— gal I still refer to as my bride. Roberta had lived most of her life wishing she had some sort of artistic talent. What she needed... was only to be asked.

During our courtship Bobby wanted to come along on a photo shoot of a rock crusher manufacturer’s plant for a high-end 16 page brochure. Having been looking a long time for a creative partner, that was my idea of a perfect —and inexpensive— date. As this was way back in ‘99, in the last century, I had purchased one of those new-fangled digital cameras, more or less as a toy to play around with. I handed it to her with the suggestion she duplicate my traditional film shots, so we would have side-by-side comparisons.

The rest of this story is that in some instances the digital H-D curve was so outstanding, her work made it into that brochure. And on her own direction, she has filled so many pages of this magazine —thank goodness she works cheap— it is hard sometimes to remember which Murray, took what. Wow!

Even more amazing is that the following, and ever developing, article on Alaskan style sourdough pancakes, biscuits, and bread, has consistently —as shown by a log stat program— been in the top three articles requested by readers coming through search engine portals.

It has been an exciting experience developing the “web site” you are reading into an online magazine. Traditional media buyers were so sceptical of our “unique visitor” numbers (hits only means you have a lot of graphics), so this publishing venture was going nowhere untll Google came along with their win-win-win (www) relevant, pay by the click, adsense system.

I’m telling all this as I want to rub it into the secretary from somewhere back East who called looking for a regional, niche, cooking magazine. I thought we had our first ad placement, until she realized what the “dot com” stood for. I think I was making the point, “that electronic magazines are saving lots of trees,” when she clicked off.

So, here is what the stats tell us about Bobby’s article, in actual real life readership, measureable, numbers. We have had over 100,000 “unique visitors” who actually took the time to download our Sourdough Recipie PDF for printing on their own computer. Our log files also show pathways unexplainable except for word-of-mouth, and viral link listings on other sites.

I also know that from the amount of phone calls and e-mail recieved thanking Bobby for the suggestion that passing along the bounty of a “living” starter (along with a copy of the printed recipies) has solved a lot of Christmas gift questions. This is why we are adding information on where to buy a crock, non-metalic whisks, cast iron griddle, etc. ]

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