Alaska Kenai River Fishing:
Usually the first step a couple makes in planning a trip to Alaska is the board game "I Want To See This!" Scenic grandeur, wildlife viewing, and a taste of frontier culture seem to be the first, second, and third spaces captured. But then, there is that wildcard, fishing. Shake the dice and end up taking a ride on a cruise ship shore excursion bus and you will see mountains and glaciers galore. You also can look out your window and see real Alaskans, but you will not have an opportunity to interact with them. As for fishing, know that when cruise lines dump three or more shiploads of tourists (up to 6,000 people at a time) into little Alaskan villages, as Skagway, with a permanent population of 800, living out this dream is a bit difficult.If the wife does not share a passion for sleeping under canvas, cold water bathing, and campfire dinners let alone ruff and tumble fish camp humor there is an alternative choice that seems to please both players.
The Kenai River is one of the few world class fishing streams in Alaska that is paralleled by road. This means that guides can take couples on a gentle fly fishing float trip downstream without trying to fit folding inflatable drift boats into a bush plane to do it all over the next day. And with numerious ramps, it is easy to power boat after salmon.It also means that instead of the expensive of flying in to wilderness lodges you can find fun and affordable bed and breakfast accommodations via rental car.
What makes this experience so special is that most Alaskans who make part of their living running a B&B litterly love sharing their lifestyle. Some colorful hosts are almost larger than life, or at least what passes for the norm in what we call the outside, i.e. anyplace other than Alaska. Notice that I said sharing, as in friends. Not hired servants answering a request with a meaningless, yes sir. And so what if you may experience a little trouble with the plumbing? Go along with what is available and you will find that nothing anywhere on this earth can compare to the delights of Alaskan hospitality.
At an Alaskan bed and breakfast you will be able to touch the heart of Alaskas best. Here are people who face the harsh, lonely, isolated existence of long dark arctic winters, with frozen pipes and permafrost. Come spring they have bears and moose as backyard companions. Summertime, is the chance to interact with incoming guests and that means lots of talking!
Oh, how is the fishing? One time at a B&B I was asked if I wanted fish for lunch. I answered Yes, and was handed a pole with the instructions to catch ten pan size trout. I did, inside of 15 minutes.
The Kenai has a number of B&Bs where the host is also a float fish guide, or where they have a fishing package for guests to go after tackle breaking salmon, while the wife is exploring a historic Russian mission.
Other noted places with B&Bs that combine fishing and sightseeing. Try Homer for halibut, and Talkeetna for rainbows. Alaska also has record book Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, northern pike, etc. Yes, I know, I just complicated the where and when choices to be made. But, then, isn't planning a vacation part of the fun?

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