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Argentina Travel Magazine
NEW! Argentina Travel Magazine is our newest sister travel magazine site. Editor Harvey and co-editor Brian Wood are a great father and son “tag team” that lived in Argentina for four years and have a genuine love for the country. They have worked together and produced a fine travel publication.
Washington Travel Magazine
NEW! Washington Travel Magazine This premier edition has a Fort Vancouverhistory video article, horsepacking the Washington Cascades Pacific Crest Trail book excerpt, Experience WA Outdoors column featuring Bill Goodwin's Spring Fishing Southwest WA., and more. This site has been published using a new widescreen format that automatically fits your browser window size. Enjoy!
Denali National Park
Denali National Park website where you can learn all about visiting this most unusual park, make reservations and learn what to pack, how to there and most anything else you need to know
University of Alaska Museum
University of Alaska Museum A very good place to start your search for all things Alaskan
Alaska Native Languages
Alaska Native Languages website where you can learn about the languages and areas of Alaskan Natives
Alaska Pre History
Alaska Pre History website where you can learn about the history that makes all of us Alaskans an unusual bunch of citizens. What can we say... we inherited it along with this great land of the midnight sun
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Alaska Department of Fish and Game website is a good place to find out what you need to know if you are going to Alaska to fish or hunt as well as some great info aboutour wildlife.
RV Travel Magazine
NEW!! RV Travel with new larger format video articles of road trips of your dreams. This premier issue we travel the"Wonderful Ones" California Coast Highway 1 and Oregon Coast Highway 101. Paint your wagon and come along.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
MotorHomeTraveler website is a great online magazine full of witty stories for those who travel the Alcan to Alaska or go south for the winter.
Mt St Helens from Windy Ridge east and south approaches.
Mt St - Mt St Helens volcano from the Windy Ridge, east and south sides. Approaching from Randall, Stevenson or Woodland Washington. These are the superior routes to see the destruction of the volcano eruption. Contains video of this route's "Awesome" wonder.
Mt. St. Helens Magazine: info from the west side of Mt St Helens in the Washington State Cascade Mountain Volcano Range
Mt St - Mt. St. Helens Volcano Magazine: info from the west side of Mt St Helens in the Washington State Cascade Mountain Volcano Range
The Prospector shows how to stake your Alaska gold claim
The Prospector Magazine website is included here because it has some wonderful how-to articles on how to stake and keep a gold claim and even make your own gold rocker. So if you go to Alaska read these articles on staking your claim and come back a golden millionaire
Powells City of Books Bookstore
Powells Famous City of Books we include this site because they have great customer service and also some of our favorite Alaska books are out of print and can be found here in the used books section. They also have the largest supply of Alaska books on every subject that we have ever seen. We have spent whole days while in Portland going through this book city. We personally think they are THE BEST.
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