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Milepost -You can't leave for an Alaska trip, of any sort without this be-all, tell-all book. The Milepost will give you far more enjoyment of Canada and Alaska than if you go there "bare"
Alaska Atlas & Gazetteer - This is the best and most complete Alaska map available and we can say from experience that you will find information in this Gazetteer that you will not find in any other reference book. Such as hidden little camp spots, back roads, and the list goes on.
Alaska Atlas
Wager With The Wind
Wager With The Wind - This is a well done book about our friend Don Sheldon and his exploits as one of the most famous Alaskan bush pilots. We include this book for your reading enjoyment because we Alaskans tend to celebrate lives well lived!
Alaska - To truly understand Alaska read James Michener's Alaska. He gives you the ins-and-outs of how Alaska came to be our "Great land" We would suggest that you read this book before going to Alaska or perhaps as you are driving there.
Michener Alaska
Alaska Wolf Man
Alaska's Wolf Man - This book contains insites to Alaskan Sourdoughs living in harmony with the land and animals. Frank Glaser was truly a "Great Man" in a "Great Land" Great read!
Alaska Fishing - This is our MOST prized possesion as far as reference books for fishing in Alaska. We have not seen a better one yet! Fantastic job Rene!
Alaska Fishing
Alaska Almanac
Alaska Almanac - If you want to know Alaska, there is no better reference than THE ALASKA ALMANAC. Updated annually with facts and figures on geography, history, economics, sports, cultures, and people of the Last Frontier. This book is a "hoot" for Alaskans and visitors alike.
Alaskan Camping - This guide for RV and tent campers is a nice addition to inform you on camping going to and in Alaska. We know you will be surprised by the informality of Alaska camping, but this is a good reference book.
Alaska Camping
Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway - This book is a guide to traveling the Alaska highway as well as alternate highways, such as the Stewart-Cassiar, the Yellowhead, Top-of-the-World, the Richardson and Glenn Highways. The authors share their knowledge about the most coveted camping areas and an entire chapter is dedicated to the Alaska Marine Highway.
The World Famous Alaska Highway This book will give you some of the WWII history of the Alaska Highway, formerly know as the Alcan Highway, as well as other interesting to do and see info. With details on routes, driving conditions and unique people along the way.
Alaska Highway Famous
Coming Into The Country
Coming Into The Country - I can vouch for this as I know half of the “vivid characters,” mentioned in this exploration of rural Alaska—including my own father— and McPhee did well to capture nuances missed by the average New York journalist when visiting our "Great Land".

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