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This is an e-travel magazine that can't be evaluated by the weight of gloss coated paper to see if it has content worth reading, so you may need to know that this publication contains more pages of articles, than the average travel magazine, over 100 full color (original, not stock) photographs, plus sixteen minutes of Alaska travel video. You should turn your sound on, but this is not absolutely necessary. On entering a chapter, after clicking any button, use your keyboard arrows, space bar (pause) and enter key (play video again) to navigate and turn the pages, or to return here. Click through one of the flying articles to see how the system works.
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Who Are These Alaskans
New Department
Announcing a new Alaska Travel Magazine Department—Who Are These Alaskans!
It takes a hearty breed and courage beyond compare to go North to Alaska. The Last Frontier makes for strong and fiercely independent citizens. Here we “show-and-tell” you about some of them.
Alaska King Captain Healy
New Article
Alaska's Black 'King'
A little known story of Captain Michael Healy of the US Revnue Cutter BEAR during the days Alaska was a territory of the US. Captain Healy was the only law in Alaska during those days.

Alaskas Martha Stewart

New Article
Alaska's Martha Stewart
A humorous article by Anina Marcus— Bringing The Heat To Alaska: A Tale Of Chili To Chillier. About the Haines Alaska Mosey's Cantina owners.
From our Sister Publication,
Driving The Alaska Highway
Part 1 of a 3 part series. This part covers British Columbia, starting at Dawson Creek milepost 0

A New Video/Article
Alaska Fly-in Fishing
What a perfect day trip. Grandfather and Grandson, both of them photographers. Both limiting on silver salmon. Both leaning something about the nature of grizzly bears.

Alaska flying videos

Alaska Flying Primer
Perhaps this is the ultimate way to cruise Alaska. Flying in a tail-wheeled Alaskan pick-up, or landing on a wilderness lake for a picnic, or flightseeing Denali (don't know that name... you must read this magazine!) is the adventure worthy of a t-shirt. These are rich media video articles.

Alaska bush flying (taildragging) with video
Alaska Float plane ballet article /video
Flightseeing Mt.McKinley/Mt.Denali /video
Alaskan sourdough

A Sourdough Honeymoon
The stuff of life on the last frontier. Here is the lore of the name, and the uniquely Alaskan bread and flapjacks. Also Adobe PDF Sourdough printable recipes.

Alaska sourdough article and recipes
 Kayaking The Yukon River

Chilkoot To The Sea
Take a vicarious 2000 mile folding kayak journey following the Trail of '98 over the Chilkoot Pass to the headwater of the Yukon River, and then on past Dawson City, and the Klondike, to reach the Bering Sea.

A family kayaking the Yukon River

Denali National Park virtual tour

Denali National Park Tour
Rather experience wildlife from the convience of a metropolitian townhouse? Here is one way to travel to the best of Alaska without adding to the impact of visitors into a wilderness. If you feel the need to see for yourself, then this piece is a first step to being one in and with an ecosystem.
Close to Alaska bears?

How Close Is Too Close?
Visiting Alaska to practice your skills as a wildlife photographer? You need to know what is the proper etiquette when calling upon Mr & Mrs Ursa Horribilious and family.

How Close Is Too Close?
Article & Video of how to safely get the best Alaska wildlife photographs
Alaska fishing

Fish Camp, Alaska Kenai River Fishing B&B Style
Perhaps the best way to interact with real Alaskans is to book B&Bs in rural communities. Don't look for lace doilies. Or sometimes seperate baths, as plumbing is always a problem in permafrost country. However, how many B&Bs do you know outside that have boating out the front door, or where your host is a fishing guide? A rich media video of the Kenai River.
Alaska Travel Magazine Bonus Material

Alaska trivia game

More Than A “Dead Tree” Publication offers —besides rich media video articles— the ultimate Alaska Trivia interactive quiz, book reviews that fit our editorial philosophy, as well a catalog for hard to find Alaska items, and a limited directory of qualified Alaska owned and operated small businesses for the visitor who really wants to see the state.

Alaska Trivia Quiz
101 questions played 10 questions at a time. Bet you can't answer them all!

Alaska Wildlife

Looking For Alaskan Wildlife
You might be suprised where they turn up. Advertisers of these sponsored content clips may even find them on other web sites. Huh?

Spot Alaska Wildlife
Alaska wildlife sightings.
See if you can spot them all
Alaska Travel Magazine Editorial

What this magazine is all about 

Editorial “See The Elephant”
An introduction to our new publication intended on bringing you Alaska travel information from the inside, out — rather than through an “outside” marketing department of a foreign corporation. How you look upon this state from afar will have a cause and effect on what you see when you arrive.
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